Occupational safety, health & environmental auditing & evaluation is imperative to ensuring your organization is reducing and managing risk, by achieving compliance with federal, state and local regulatory agencies. Inspection & auditing can be a vital part of your incident prevention efforts when performed properly. They can also improve company culture, reassuring employees that their workplace is safe and that their company is truly committed to ensuring a safety and healthful work environment for everyone.

Our professionals are up to speed with current regulations and requirements and are ready to assist you and your team with complete or focused inspection services at your workplace.  These workplace audits and inspections are a crucial component of an effective Accident Prevention Program and can create opportunities such as;

  • Gaining knowledge of the concerns that are held by employees at all levels
  • Meeting regulatory, insurance or project specific inspection/auditing requirements
  • Increase awareness and identification of workplace hazards including their causes and impacts
  • Improve efficiency, reduce hidden costs and establish a proactive approach to all operations
  • Assist in ensuring the implementation of proper risk/hazard controls to improve processes

Our team provides clients with quality, detailed reports, which identify compliance and non-compliance, or areas that are in need of improvement, aiding both employers and employees in the reduction of hazards, incident costs, regulatory citations and more.

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