This CESCL course provides attendees with approximately 16hrs of instruction and practicum in erosion, sediment & stormwater management. In Washington State, construction projects greater than one acre, or otherwise deemed necessary by Department of Ecology, require the availability of a CESCL.  Attendees will receive sample documents, forms and handouts to enhance understanding of Ecology’s requirements and effective temporary erosion and sediment control. Eight-hour (8hr) Refresher training is required every three (3) years.

Day 1 Class Instruction

  • Module 1 – Introduction/Erosion Environmental Impacts/CESCL Training
  • Module 2 – Erosion & Sedimentation Processes/Soil Dynamics
  • Module 3 – Factors Effecting Erosion
  • Module 4 – Regulations
  • Module 5 – SWPPP Basics
  • Module 6 – Erosion Monitoring/Recordkeeping/Reporting
  • Module 7 – SWPPP Elements 1-5
  • Module 8 – SWPPP Elements 6-8
  • Module 9 – SWPPP Elements 9-13
  • Course Test – Open book

Day 2 Class Objectives

Part two of this course emphasizes the importance of preventing erosion, and the challenge of cleaning up turbid water. Class participants will be familiarized with the proper installation, maintenance, and inspections of common erosion and sediment control BMP’s which will help them respond effectively to the wide variety of site conditions they will find on the job. Attendees must bring hard hats, safety vests and boots for the field exercise.

  • Examine several different erosion and sediment control BMP’s effectiveness & limitations
  • Observe and compare performances of different available TESC products
  • Observe interaction of flowing water with changing conditions and soil types
  • Understand the mechanisms that make specific products work or fail
  • Correct installation procedures and the consequences of improper installation
  • Inspection criteria for determining success or failure of BMP’s

Course attendees must complete a written test.  Upon successful completion, attendees will be recognized as a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) by Washington State Department of Ecology (renewable 3-year certification).

Course: CESCL – Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Lead
Course Duration: Full Cert 2 days – Refresher 8hrs
Certification Expiration: 3 years
Course Pricing & Special Rates: Contact us for course pricing and inquire about our special rates