Lead is a naturally occurring element found in small amounts in the earth’s crust. While it has some beneficial uses, it can be toxic to humans and animals, causing both short & long term health effects. Lead affects millions of workers in many occupations spanning across the United States. Lead is utilized in thousands of products utilized throughout these industries.  Some of these products include lead-based paints, lead solder, electrical fittings and conduits, tank linings, plumbing materials, metal alloys, batteries and fuels.

The main target of lead is the central nervous system, and while exposure can have adverse effects on adults, it is especially harmful to children.  Symptoms of lead exposure are less likely to appear until dangerous blood levels of lead are accumulated.  Therefore, educating your employees on lead awareness is critical in keeping them, co-workers and their families safe.  Lead Awareness Training is critical for the health and safety of your employees and their families.

This Lead Awareness course is designed to assist employers and employees in understanding the regulations pertaining to safe work practices. Employers must train all employees who may be subject to exposure to lead at or above the Action Level (AL) during a work shift, or, who are subject to lead exposure in any form.  While this course is not designed for workers who perform lead-based abatement work, the benefits of the course empower employees to make the proper decision, so they can affectively avoid overexposure and the health hazards associated with lead.

Topics addressed during this Asbestos Awareness course include:

  • Overview of lead
  • Where lead is commonly used
  • Lead Awareness Program requirements
  • Properties and uses of lead
  • Acute & chronic health hazards associated with lead exposure
  • State & federal standards related to specific industries
  • Exposure assessment, air monitoring, testing methods & recordkeeping
  • Time Weighted Averages (TWA’s), Action Levels (AL’s) Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL’s)
  • Methods for lead exposure prevention
  • Overview of lead removal processes
  • Persona Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Engineering & work practice controls
  • Hygiene, housekeeping & decontamination
  • Medical surveillance

Course attendees must complete a written test.  Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a wallet certificate of completion wallet card valid for three (3) years.

Course: Lead Awareness
Course Duration: 2-3hrs
Certification Expiration: 3 year
Course Pricing & Special Rates: Contact us for course pricing and inquire about our special rates