Electricity is an essential part of everyday working life for many. Electricity can be dangerous when the proper precautionary measures & standards aren’t followed.  Understanding the health and safety issues presented using electricity is an essential component to ensuring a safe workplace. Utilizing a health and safety management software can assist in ensuring a safe workplace by identifying potential hazards.

This Electrical Safety Awareness course provides attendees with a basic understanding of how to use electricity safely and effectively in the workplace. It is designed to present an overview of electrical energy systems and associated hazards, as well as safe workplace practices to prevent injuries, fires, arc flashes and more!  Employer shall ensure that employees have the ability to recognizing the nature of electrical hazards and have the ability to take proper precautions to prevent related injuries or death.

Course attendees will be equipped with practical skills and knowledge that can be applied both at home and in the workplace.  This knowledge will give attendees the confidence of knowing how to protect themselves and others against the dangers associated with electricity.

Topics addressed during this Electrical Safety Awareness course include:

  • Arc blast
  • OSHA standards
  • Energy gradients
  • Health impacts of electrical shock
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Inspection, use and maintenance criteria
  • Working around powerlines & live energized conductors
  • Assured equipment grounding conductor requirements

Refresher training may also be needed when:

  • There is an incident or a near miss
  • Conditions change in the workplace which could affect safety
  • Employee has been observed performing tasks in an unsafe manner
  • Significant time has passed, and the employee’s abilities may require retraining

Course attendees must complete a written test.  Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a certificate of completion wallet card valid for three (3) years. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure employees are properly trained by a qualified person on specific electrical hazards and safe work procedures prior to the commencement of work activities.

Course: Electrical Safety Awareness
Course Duration: 3-4hrs
Certification Expiration: 3 years
Course Pricing & Special Rates: Contact us for course pricing and inquire about our special rates