Certified flaggers are responsible for worker and public safety during road construction, utility work, maintenance operations and more! Controlling traffic through work areas is one of the most important and dangerous operations in construction maintenance. The flagger must, through visual movements and appearance, establish authority and confidence so that public vehicular traffic will respond in timely fashion when there is a need to change lanes, proceed more slowly, or maneuver as necessary around the work zone.

A valid flagger certification card is required when performing all flagging operations, or when directing public vehicular traffic within the public right of way. This flagger certification course is designed to provided course attendees with the safe work practices of flagging, which will enable them to provide the safest and most efficient operations within the temporary traffic control work zone.

Topics addressed during this Flagger Certification course include:

  • Flagging procedures and proper use of flagging equipment & hand signals
  • Duties and required skills of flaggers through hands-on activities
  • Mitigation of hazards and hostile drivers in the work zone
  • Handling emergency vehicles passing through a work zone
  • Assessment of work zone impacts and the development of traffic control strategies
  • Selecting & placing appropriate devices to safety control traffic through work zone
  • Understand policy, process and standards for developing, reviewing and implementing an effective Traffic Control Plan (TCP) for roadway construction projects


Course attendees must complete a quiz, review exercises and shall past an open book test with a minimum score of 80%. Upon successful completion of the course, each attendee will receive a wallet certificate of completion wallet card valid for three (3) years in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Refresher training may also be needed when:

  • There is an incident or a near miss
  • Conditions change in the workplace which could affect safety
  • Employee has been observed performing tasks in an unsafe manner
  • Significant time has passed, and the employee’s abilities may require retraining


Course: WA State Flagger Certification
Course Duration: 6-8hrs
Certification Expiration: 3 years
Course Pricing & Special Rates: Contact us for course pricing and inquire about our special rates